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» Toeristische informatie

We have a TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER on the place: free brochures and maps available (including Leiputrija’s Pocket Map of interesting sights in Riga region) as well as small reading room and good suggestions from our personnel.

GRATIS DOWNLOAD: Pocket map – “Colourful sights in outskirts of Riga” (pdf.)

GRATIS DOWNLOAD: “Baltic States Camping map & catalogue” (pdf.)

GRATIS DOWNLOAD: Travel Guide “Enjoy the best in Latvia, Estonia and St.Petersburg” (pdf.)

GRATIS DOWNLOAD: Fietsen routekaart: van Riga naar Gauja nationale park (pdf.)

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More useful information about Latvia see HERE

Useful facts:

Capital city: Riga
Area: 64.589 km²
Number of inhabitants: ~2 million (2014.)
Currency: Euro (from 2014).
National language: latvian. Most of citizens speak also russian and english.
Short phrasebook see HERE!
In case of emergency call: 112 (police, ambulance, fire-department etc.).
Calling code: +371
Time zone: EET (UTC+2). In summer: EEST (UTC+3)
Current weather and 3 day forecast see HERE!
Some of Public holidays (2014):

  • January 1st – New Year’s day.
  • March 8th – International women’s day
  • May 1st – Labour Day/Convocation of the constituent assembly of the republic of Latvia.
  • May 4th – Restoration of independence of the republic of Latvia.
  • May 9th – Europe day.
  • The second sunday of May – Mothers’ day.
  • May 15th – International day of the family.
  • May 19th – The announcing the declaration of independence of republic of Latvia day.
  • June 1st – International children’s day.
  • June 23rd and 24th – festivity Līgo and Jāņi.
  • The 2nd saturday of July – Sea festival day.
  • September 1st - Knowledge day.
  • September 22 – Baltic unity day.
  • November 11th – Latvian freedom fighters’ remembrance day – Lāčplēsis (“bearslayer”) day.
  • November 18th – Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.
  • December 24th, 25th and 26th – Christmas.
  • December 31th – New year’s Eve.
  • + all Sundays.

See english-latvian phrasebook here: phrasebook (pdf)

“Leiputrija” suggests: special places/things to see in Latvia (pdf)

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