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Sorry – deze inhoud is momenteel beschikbaar in het Engels:

We want You to feel at home when in “Leiputrija”. This is why, in order to provide You pleasant and safe stay, we kindly ask You to review the internal regulations and conditions of the complex.

Check-in times:

  • Guest house: Checking in: starting from 3:00 p.m.; Departure: till 12:00 a.m.
  • Camping: Checking in: starting from 2:00 p.m.; Departure: till 12:00 a.m.

Attention! It is also possible to arrive earlier or to leave it later by prepay. Please contact the administration in advance.

Working hours:
Reception working hours: from 8:00 to 22:00 (1st of June – 31st of August) / from 9:00 to 21:00 (1st of September – 31st of May)
Persons who have not orderet a room/bungalow/place for a night in „Leiputrija”, has to leave the territory of the leisure park till closing of reception.

Terms of registration:
For registration in the guest house and camping, guests need valid passport or driving license (for Latvian residents), or ID card.

Payment procedure:
For “Leiputrija” services guests can pay by means of money transfer or in cash (Euro).
During high-season (1st May – 30th September) we do accept also credit cards on the place.

Room reservation terms:
In order to perform guaranteed reservation, a guest has to make prepayment (50% of a price) in 3 days after the receipt of reservation confirmation (but not later than 24 hours before arrival to “Leiputrija”). Reservation is guaranteed from the moment the payment is received.

If the reservation prepayment isn’t received in the indicated term, the “Leiputrija” has a rights to cancel not guaranteed reservation without any preliminary notification and sell the service to any other person.

Cancellation and no-show rules:
If case of reservation cancellation or no-show, the reservation pre-payment shall not be refunded (in case of credit card details submitted: 50% of price will be charged). In case of individual (not group) short-term (up to 2 nights) bookings guest and “Leiputrija” can agree to move forward the date of the reservation, if a guest informs “Leiputrija” about such need and cancellation at least one week (7 days) before the first scheduled date of arrival. Any change or cancellation made later shall not be refunded.

Room price includes:

  • Lodging in guest house price includes:

VAT, parking lot, use of kitchen of common use, use of pergola, use of streetball and other sports fields, use of playground for children, as well as use of places for swimming, picnic and fire places. Bedclothes included in price.

  • Lodging in camping price includes:

VAT, parking lot, use of kitchen of common use, WC and showers, use of streetball and other sports fields, use of playground for children, as well as use of places for swimming, picnic and fire places. Bedclothes in bungalows are optional. Guests can use their own bedclothes or rent it.

No music, clamouring and loud parties are allowed in campsite and guesthouse – especially at night (from 22:00 till 8:00). We beg everyone to behave with respect to others and let them (and yourselves) enjoy the peacefullness and quietness of Latvian nature. Though, if renting entire guesthouse or complex for private (closed) event, silence is not obligatory.

Smoking is not allowed in any premises. Smoking is allowed on porch and balcony of the guest house, outside camping premises and in pavilion.

Smoking in premises and throwing cigarettes on ground shall be fined.

Garbage shall be droped only into special wastebins. Throwing garbage on ground shall be fined.


  • No pets are allowed in guesthouse.
  • Only non-aggressive pets (cats and dogs) are allowed in camping area (but not in any premises) by charge. Pets must be always kept on a leash. Please inform receptionist on arrival about any pets you have taken with you.

Security conditions:

  • It is forbidden to bring and keep inflammable materials in the rooms and camping premises (for use of candles please contact the reception), use personal electric heaters, spoil furniture and other equipment, and/or remove furniture to/from another room.
  • For cooking use a kitchen, grill or special fireplaces. To rent a grill set or get (buy) a wood for fireplace, please contact the reception.
  • After 10:00 p.m. (22:00) it is strongly forbidden to clamour in the territory.
  • As we take care of Your personal safety and safety of other clients, as well as quiet atmosphere on the leisure park, it is forbidden to stay here in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication. The leisure park staff has a right to refuse to serve a customer being in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication. In this case money for the booked and prepaid services is not returned.
  • It is forbidden to bring in and/or use any weapons and drugs in territory of the leisure park.
  • It ir allowed to swim in pond “Kancis” (in territory of the White guesthouse), in ponds in territory of the camping and in river of Gauja.
  • Attention! There are no lifeguards in the park, so guests must be very carefull while swimming and take care of themselves.
  • The first aid kit is available in reception.
  • When leaving, though, temporary, we suggest you to lock your room/bungalow and keep the keys with you. When leaving the leisure park, guest must give back the key in reception. Charge for losing the key: EUR 7,50.
  • We beg you to keep order and to observe general aproprieties, to respect other guests and environment.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use glassware and drinks in glass bottles in the sauna, bathhouses and water relaxation areas.
  • It is allowed to swim in hot-tub and pool or stay in sauna and hothouse only in clean swimming suits and swimming trunks, special sauna sheets or without any clothes at all. It is forbidden to swim or stay in saunas in underclothes.
  • It is allowed and even advisable to enjoy your stay fully, have fun and take a good rest.

In order avoid any misunderstanding, in case You find any damage in the room, we kindly ask You to immediately inform the reception about it.

Suggestions, information, complaints:
If You have any questions, complaints or advice please do not hesitate to apply to the “Leiputrija” reception (tourist information center). Our helpful personnel will give You all the information about services, tourism sights, excursion routes and answer questions You are interested in latvian, english and russian (a part of personnel speaks also a little Spanish and German).

Wishing You a wonderful stay,
Collective of “Leiputrija”

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