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We have a TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER on the place: free brochures and maps available (including Leiputrija’s Pocket Map of interesting sights in Riga region) as well as small reading room and good suggestions from our personnel.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Pocket map – “Colourful sights in outskirts of Riga” (pdf.)

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Baltic States Camping map & catalogue” (pdf.)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Travel Guide “Enjoy the best in Latvia, Estonia and St.Petersburg” (pdf.)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Cycling route map: from Riga to Gauja National park (pdf.)

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About Latvia

karogs_LV Republic of Latvia is a country in Northeurope. It is located in west side of an Eastern Europe plain, on shore of Baltic see and Riga bay between Baltic countries Estonia (on north) and Lithuania (on south). Latvia became an independent country in November 18th of 1918. But in July 21st of 1940 Latvia was violently annexed to USSR and from that time almost for 50 years it was called Soviet socialistic republic of Latvia. After passing the declaration of gerbonis_LV independence in May 4th of 1990., once again Latvia was pronounced an independent democratic country – Republic of Latvia.

Latvia has been a member of the United Nations since September 17, 1991; of the European Union since May 1, 2004 and of the NATO since March 29, 2004. Latvia is also a member of WTO.

It has land border with Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Estonia. Across the Baltic Sea to the west lies Sweden.

An inlet of the Baltic Sea, the shallow Gulf of Riga is situated in the northwest of the country. Latvia’s  beautiful coastline with white and sandy beaches extends for MORE THAN 500 kilometers (!)

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More useful information about Latvia see HERE

Useful facts:

Capital city: Riga
Area: 64.589 km²
Number of inhabitants: ~2 million (2014.)
Currency: Euro (from 2014).
National language: latvian. Most of citizens speak also russian and english.
Short phrasebook see HERE!
In case of emergency call: 112 (police, ambulance, fire-department etc.).
Calling code: +371
Time zone: EET (UTC+2). In summer: EEST (UTC+3)
Current weather and 3 day forecast see HERE!
Some of Public holidays (2014):

  • January 1st – New Year’s day.
  • March 8th – International women’s day
  • May 1st – Labour Day/Convocation of the constituent assembly of the republic of Latvia.
  • May 4th – Restoration of independence of the republic of Latvia.
  • May 9th – Europe day.
  • The second sunday of May – Mothers’ day.
  • May 15th – International day of the family.
  • May 19th – The announcing the declaration of independence of republic of Latvia day.
  • June 1st – International children’s day.
  • June 23rd and 24th – festivity Līgo and Jāņi.
  • The 2nd saturday of July – Sea festival day.
  • September 1st – Knowledge day.
  • September 22 – Baltic unity day.
  • November 11th – Latvian freedom fighters’ remembrance day – Lāčplēsis (“bearslayer”) day.
  • November 18th – Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.
  • December 24th, 25th and 26th – Christmas.
  • December 31th – New year’s Eve.
  • + all Sundays.

See phrasebook here: phrasebook (pdf)

“Leiputrija” suggests: special places/things to see in Latvia (pdf)


  • Embassy of Great Britain:
  • Tel: +00 371 6777 4700 e-mail: Entrance from street Alunāna 5.
  • Embassy of USA:
  • Address: Raiņa bulvāris 7, Rīga, LV-1510, Latvija Tel.: (371) 670 362 00 Fax: (371) 678 200 47 E-mail:



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