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We are looking forward to begin new and interesting mutual cooperation relations:

  • in developing new and original leisure and entertainment services and making interesting complex offers to our clients together;
  • in popularizing Latvia and Baltics as an interesting place to visit for foreign tourists and your country as an interesting place for Latvian tourists.
  • in making new relations and cooperation between tourist accomodations all around the world (we are especially interested in spanish-speaking countries but we will be happy for any good suggestions and ideas).

Please, let us know if you wish to colaborate with us:


Our partners:


Lauku Celotajs Latvian camping association
Museo de bicicletas Juegos militares recreativos Karlsona laivas
Apkartne Kontakti Kompleksa plans Rezervacijas Pasakumi nometnes sporta speles Atputas iespejas Viesu nams Kempings Kontakti