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Welcome to “virtual/video” Leiputrija! …Theese videos will help you to get a small insight in sunny and positive atmosphere of tourist and leisure park “Leiputrija” as well as its special attractions and services offered.

Enjoy and remember that you’re always welcome to visit us, couse everything’s even better “on the place”:

Short “teaser” video of ATV off-road tours in camping “Leiputrija”. Video taken from the point of view of a driver. Enjoy and come try it out Yourself!
A small amateur – eye-witness video of what to expect in Latvia’s countryside, in Riga region: wildlife, views, nature. Bird watching, wild animals, beautiful landscapes. All photos and videos are taken in or near (less than 2 km from) campsite “Leiputrija”.
This video clip represents “Leiputrija’s” wide choice of services offered: from comfy lodging to sports, from fishing to extreme activities……and You will definitely feel the sunny atmosphere of the place as well.

Berry and mushroom picking as an adventure!

We will get you to the best berry picking places on big ATVs! It is an off-road adventure and enjoying nature goods at the same time!

Watch this small video of how it really happens…

Winter in latvian country – come, enjoy!

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