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(En anglais): Short « teaser » video of ATV off-road tours in camping « Leiputrija ». Video taken from the point of view of a driver. Enjoy and come try it out Yourself!
(En anglais): A small amateur – eye-witness video of what to expect in Latvia’s countryside, in Riga region: wildlife, views, nature. Bird watching, wild animals, beautiful landscapes. All photos and videos are taken in or near (less than 2 km from) campsite « Leiputrija ».
(En anglais): This video clip represents « Leiputrija’s » wide choice of services offered: from comfy lodging to sports, from fishing to extreme activities……and You will definitely feel the sunny atmosphere of the place as well.

(En anglais): Berry and mushroom picking as an adventure!

We will get you to the best berry picking places on big ATVs! It is an off-road adventure and enjoying nature goods at the same time!

Watch this small video of how it really happens…

(En anglais): Winter in latvian country – come, enjoy!

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