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» Gauja festival in Adazi on 1st of June

Gauja festival is a tradition of Adazi for last 5 years already. So will it happen this year: with local market, food, dancing, singing and musical performances. If happen to be near, You are warmly welcome to join us in this wonderful celebration and after then – to stay and have a good sleep in silent camping “Leiputrija” (located 8km from Adazi town).

When: 1st of June

Where: In centre of Adazi town, on Gauja street (You can not miss it)

What: Local market, food and drinks, zumba, differents sports and activities, cabrio-car parade, various performances (for example: Dusheti – a georgian dance and song ansamble and Young drummers summit) as well as the main concert night starting at 19:00.

Entrance: free of charge



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