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» Collaboration & Partners

Hello & greetings!

We are looking forward to begin new and interesting mutual cooperation relations:

  • in developing new and original leisure and entertainment services and making interesting complex offers to our clients together;
  • in popularizing Latvia and Baltics as an interesting place to visit for foreign tourists and your country as an interesting place for Latvian tourists.
  • in making new relations and cooperation between tourist accomodations all around the world (we are especially interested in spanish-speaking countries but we will be happy for any good suggestions and ideas).

Please, let us know if you wish to colaborate with us:


Our partners:


“Leiputrija” is a member of Latvian Camping association since 2011. You can find other of Latvia’s best and most beautiful campings here:
Lauku tūrisma asociācijas "Lauku Ceļotājs" biedrs “Leiputrija” is a member of Latvian country tourism association “Lauku ceļotājs” (eng: “rural traveler”) since 2011.
Bravo Zero Two militārās spēles Leiputrijā Laser tag (infra red) games in open-air. A well-organized adventure – for leisure and recreation OR for professional personnell training and corporate leadership programs. Enjoy in “Leiputrija”!
Relaxing boat tours on Gauja river and lakes in Riga region: good boats, various routs – from single day tours to 10 day trips.
We are truly proud to host fantastic “Bindenti” youth- and children camps. Adventurous and educational camps in true latvian countryside while comfortably close to Riga. “Bindenti’s” organisation skills and teachers + “Leiputrija’s” environment = Your perfect match!
“Reāls piedzīvojums” in latvian means “real adventure” – and that is well said. “Reāls piedzīvojums” offers to organize celebrations, sport games, youth camps, corporate events and more. A loooong list of disciplines and activities to choose from. “Reāls piedzīvojums” activities + “Leiputrija’s” environment = Your perfect match!

velo_muzejs We recommend you to visit a good museum – The Bicycle museum in Saulkrasti: – gift tokens

You are very welcome to book our camping or rooms easily via as well! – gift tokens
Karlsona laivas Kayak/boat rental “Karlsona laivas” and “Leiputrija” offers You a special and exciting leisure pack: boat trip in scenic river Gauja with beautiful trip ending in “Leiputrija”: enjoying the traditional latvian sauna and comfy nightstay in camping or guesthouse.
Camping “Leiputrija” in

Camping Europe


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