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» New in Leiputrija: pedestrian bridge

In november of 2018 we finished a nice, beautiful pedestrian bridge in “Leiputrija”. We dedicate it to our beloved Latvia in its 100th birthday. We hope the upcoming century of ours will unite us as a bridge unites two distant shores.

When building the bridge we were inspired by an encient chinese example of construction, which is also known in western world as “Da Vinci bridge”. The bridge of ours was build by Martins – from foundations to the very last desk (if You’re interested we can warmly suggest You him as a craftsman for Your desired bridge as well – just ask).

And remember: a tradition says that one’s wish made while crossing any particular bridge for the first time in one’s life will surely come true. So, come and have Your wish come true!

tilts-latvijai100-leiputrija-kempings-labakais-kempings-1 tilts-latvijai100-leiputrija-kempings-labakais-kempings-2

tilts-latvijai100-leiputrija-kempings-labakais-kempings-4 tilts-latvijai100-leiputrija-kempings-labakais-kempings-3


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