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» Archery game

loka-sausana-spele-leiputrija-2 Fantastic, active and friendly game with elements of archery and paintball/softball. Ideal game for work and friend collectives. It is safe, painless and paintless!
6-12 persons can play simultaneously. If there are more players, we will form more than 2 teams and play in shifts (tournament). Before the game one will have a chance to practice and to learn the basics of archery – enough to be able to play the game.

Some rules and information:

  • Recommended age is 10+ years. Players younger than 18 years, must provide us with permission of their parents/guardian.
  • Clothing: simple and comfy. Arrows do not leave any paint stains, but as the game takes place outdoors, one should be aware that there are certain risk of getting dirty (grass stains for example)

Price example:

  • Game for 1 hour, for 12 persons, with access to pic-nic gazebo (a shelter from sun/rain, place for having a quick lunch etc.): EUR 144,00
  • Each additional hour: +EUR 60,00

loka-sausana-spele-leiputrija-5 loka-sausana-spele-leiputrija-6

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