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» Canoe & kayak tours

To our guests we offer a canoe and kayak rent for easy-level, relaxing trips on Gauja river and most beautiful lakes of the region. Both kayaks and canoes are suitable for couples and families with a child (canoes can bring even 2 children if their age and total weight allows).
We have all You need: life vests, paddles, maps, bags etc. We will safely let You in the river and meet You in the finish: we can provide a transfer for individual travelers and small groups without any extra pay.

Canoes are big enough to be used also in longer trips (3+ days): equipped with waterproof section for belongings and have more luggage space in general. Kayaks on the other hand are smaller, faster and more suitable for shorter trips (less luggage space).


All routes start or end exactly in camping “Leiputrija”.

Couple of route examples (prices for 1st boat):

  • “Camping Leiputrija” – Ādaži town (short trip: 8,5 km, ~ 2h). Price from EUR 35,00
  • “Camping Leiputrija” – Carnikava village (medium distance trip: 19,5 km, ~4,5h). From EUR 40,00
  • “Camping Leiputrija” – Baltic sea. This route is our special recommendation, as the trip will get You down to the very Baltic sea. The estuary of Gauja river is one of very few which can be proud of its natural and beautifuly authentic landscape (distance of the trip: ~24 km, ~6h). From EUR 45,00
  • Murjāņi village – “Camping Leiputrija” (medium distance trip: 17 km, ~4h). From EUR 45,00
  • Sigulda town – “Camping Leiputrija” (a daytrip: 34,5 km, ~ 8h). From EUR 60,00
  • Relaxing day trips on various lakes of Riga region: small and big Baltezers, Vejupe, Dunezers, Lilastes ezers, Dzirnezers and others.


We do offer also several-day routes on Gauja river – including Gauja National park (Cesis, Ligatne, Sigulda) and even 10+ day tours along almost entire navigable lenght of the river. The all-time favourites:

  • From GAUJIENA town to Baltic sea – a fantastic trip letting one enjoy fully the great diversity of Latvian nature: hilly Vidzeme region, border of Latvia-Estonia, Gauja valley (deepest in Baltics), plains of lower riverbanks and finally the estuary which has retained surprisingly untouched by human hand. Such trip would take ~10 days.
  • From historical log-rafting “capital” of Latvia STRENCI town to Baltic sea – a bit shorter trip (6-7 days), still including lots to see and feel (also previously mentioned Gauja valley (deepest in Baltics)).

IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Where to leave Your car and/or belongings safely while on river? How to get to the starting point and back? Do not worry – that is why we are here. No matter if You rent a boat from us or bring Your own boat with You, we will offer You a parking place here and will take You and Your boat up to the starting point as well as back to “Leiputrija” from Your finishing point.

Please contact us to get details, suggestions and tips for Your prefered trip and to get a price offer (

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