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» Table games

Table games in summer pavilion (campsite area): table tennis, novuss, darts etc. Particular games available for individual use to any of our guests – prices are symbolic. Also it is possible to rent entire pavilion for closed, private tournament.

Games in recreation room of the holiday house: when renting entire holiday house, some games (football, novuss) can be included without any extra charge – one just needs to inform us about such wish at the moment of reservation.

Novuss tournament: novuss is a popular table game amongst latvian people. One story tells that such game was invented by sailors as an alternative of snooker for naval use (on ships), therefor instead of balls pucks were being used and the table itself was smaller and simpler. In “Leiputrija” we offer a complex service for private events: “novuss tournament”, which shall include premises, game tables and full set of equipment, as well as a tournament results table and prizes.

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