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» Sled ride

a-kamanas-sled-ride-leiputrija-4 ATV sled rides are offered: a wonderful winter adventure for adults as well as for kids. There is only one condition – we need snow, so when coming, bring it with You :)

Both – groups and individual guests – are equally welcome: our sled rides can be wonderful main activity of an event or during school excursions, but it is also available for couples and families traveling individualy.

Up to 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 kids (1-10 y.o.) will usually fit comfortably in the sled while also total weigh of a crew has its significance. The sled has 2 seats and a platform for standing at the back of the sled.


  • One ride (route is around ~800m long): EUR 10,00


a-kamanas-sled-ride-leiputrija-3 a-kamanas-sled-ride-leiputrija-1 a-kamanas-sled-ride-leiputrija-5a
a-kamanas-sled-ride-leiputrija-2 a-kamanas-sled-ride-leiputrija-6

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