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Tourist and leisure complex with soul

zieds-1 Leiputrija is a family created leisure complex and this means something: the hosts of Leiputrija – Perro family – have made and cherished the complex for themselves: with all their heart, true love and care in every – even the smallest – thing in there. Perro family always feels deeply interested and responsible for every quest they host. This imparts a special heartiness, solicitude and cosiness atmosphere to Leiputrija.

“We are sure, that our sincerity, hospitality and true personal interest in creating great place for repose and relax, will let every one of our guests sense this special and cousy atmosphere that isn’t anywhere else.”


Country and city goods

gulbji-9 Besides the attraction of Leiputrija appears also in the place and environment in which it is located: in bank of river Gauja, in middle of woods and old river of Gauja; though meanwhile – close to Riga – capital of Latvia.

We say: “Here one can enjoy country advantages and country goods with pleasant cognition that also the city-goods are just next door.”


Nature & entertainment – hand in hand

kvadricikli_leiputrija-8 Nature and its goods and interest offered takes very important place in Leiputrija, though we would like to offer you more – a complex of very different leisure services for different taste and wish, beginning with rural peace and wild nature to different sport activities, excursions, bathhouses etc. See all of leisure and repose services available here.

Sincerely yours,
Collective of Leiputrija

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