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» WorldWideOnTour: article for travelers with campers

Our lovely guests Wolfgang Henze and Sabine Sopha with their camper car and pretty small Suzuki, have visited us in a month of May already, when most of travlers from Europe who are going to visit Baltic states this season, are at this moment still home – packing… or not even close to packing yet.

Wolfgang and Sabine are traveling around Latvia for couple of weeks already: they work, they relax, they smile a lot and I suppose (hope) they enjoy staying in our green country. As much as I have heard from them: they especially enjoy Latvia’s genuine corners of nature. They are always positive: smiling when sun is shining, still not sad when it’s raining :)
If You are planning to visit Riga city and Latvia in a camper van or caravan, You will be interested in their blog ( Read their lovely article about their visit in camping “Leiputrija” (and more) HERE (article written in german):

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