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» The opened countryside days in Leiputrija

atvertas-dienas-laukos-leiputrija-2015-4 In this weekend, 13th and 14th of June camping “Leiputrija” takes part in a program “Opening days in latvian coutryside” which is annually initiated by “Lauku ceļotājs” (Coutryside traveler).

On the first day, saturday, 13th of June, we offered a special Sorrel-nettle soup, black bread and birch juice to all of our guests.

We spent a beautiful afternoon all together – sitting by a common table, eating, drinking, chattering and enjoying this sunny, lovely summer afternoon. Thank You all for making this evening as cosy as it was and we hope that Your journeys will take You to many more nice places in Latvia and Baltic countries.

A couple of photos here: Sorrel-soup afternoon in camping Leiputrija

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