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» Camper & caravan-site

DCIM100MEDIA Spacious, sunny and partly shaded pitches with connection to electricity are offered for caravans and motorhomes. Pitches are well organized and have a nice grass “flooring”. Heavy vehicles are allowed. Chem. WC, shower waste discharge and water refill is provided near (on site).

WC, showers and shared kitchen facilities as well as reception premises, good tourist information center, mini-shop and recreation areas are available near.

Our camper/caravan site is perfect for individual travelers and small groups which are looking for some “space to breathe in freely”, nature and calm atmosphere. As we do not accept big groups, the site is never too crowded or noisy. Enjoy!


Vieta kemperim
  • PRICE (per night): EUR 8,00
  • PRICE (first night): EUR 5,00
  • PRICE (each following night): EUR 3,00
  • PRICE: EUR 2,00
  • PRICE: EUR 2,00


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