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» Tent area

telsu-zona-leiputrija-46 There are two areas for tents: one permits access of vehicles while the other does not. Sunny, partly shaded and shaded places available.

Bonfire places are available on tent area. Places with connection to electricity available (+ EUR 2,00 / day).

WC, showers and kitchen are shared, opened 24 hours a day, and located 20-50 metres close to tent areas.


Tent place
  • PRICE (per night): EUR 4,00
  • PRICE (first night): EUR 5,00
  • PRICE (each following night): EUR 3,00
  • PRICE: EUR 2,00
  • PRICE: EUR 2,00
  • PRICE (if parked in tenting area): EUR 1,00
  • PRICE (if parked in tenting area): EUR 2,00-3,00

telsu_vietas-1 camping-kempings-leiputrija-latvia-caravaning-tents-bungalows-near-riga-81 campingplatz-riga-leiputrija-camping-tent-zeltzplatzen-super-bestcamping telsu_vietas-3

kempinga-wc-sieviesu-2 camping-kempings-leiputrija-latvia-cabins-showers-wc-2 camping-kempings-leiputrija-latvia-caravaning-tents-bungalows-near-riga-82 camping-kempings-leiputrija-latvia-caravaning-near-riga-3

virtuve-camping-leiputrija-kitchen-kuche camping-kempings-leiputrija-latvia-cabins-showers-wc-3



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