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» Новый маршрут для каноэ

New canoe/kayak tour near Riga! 3 in 1: lake(s) + river + sea in one tour (!)
Wonderful single day tour in Dunezers and Lilaste lakes with option to proceed to the sea via Lilaste river. Distance: ~8km in lakes and ~3-4km more to reach the sea. The tour is also suitable for families with children and ofcourse those willing to do some fishing while on the way :)
dunezers-lilaste-sea-meer-canoe-kayak-tour-riga-region-11 dunezers-lilaste-sea-meer-canoe-kayak-tour-riga-region-15 dunezers-lilaste-sea-meer-canoe-kayak-tour-riga-region-17
dunezers-lilaste-sea-meer-canoe-kayak-tour-riga-region-18 dunezers-lilaste-sea-meer-canoe-kayak-tour-riga-region-3

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