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» Specialus pasiūlymas

Atleiskite, bet ši informacija kol kas nėra prieinama lietuvių kalbomis.
First, we have 2 open-ended special offers in “Leiputrija”:

celebration and party
You must agree, that there is not such thing as “too many celebration”. That is why here in Leiputrija it’ s easy to extend your holidays:

If rented a room in guesthouse (or whole guesthouse) or lodging in camping, or latvian sauna for a holiday (any holiday mentioned in latvian calendar), you get a chance to rent the same lodging or sauna also for previous and/or next day – with 50% discount!

Each 100th guest

Who will be the 100th guest? Who will be the 200th?

Each 100th guest in “Leiputrija” gets a free 15 minute ATV ride for 2 persons. …it is small, but pleasant surprise isn’t it? :)

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