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» Traditional latvian sauna “pirts”

Bathhouse (latvian: pirts) for latvians has been one of fundamental traditions and rituals for centuries. Bathhouse (usually – “black sauna”/melnā pirts) was present almost in every country farmstead. That is why to enjoy real latvian sauna is a must-have thing to do when visiting Latvia.

We offer a small sauna / bathhouse (for up to 10 persons). The building consists of sitting room, shower, WC, wardrobe and sauna room. There is also a small pergola just by the sauna house – for having an evening tea, friendly card game or just cheerful talks.

As to the sauna, we will provide You with everything You need: slippers, towels, sauna-sheets and a pair of sauna besoms (as whiping each other with besoms is unalienable component of traditions of taking latvian pirts.).

Prices (an example for 6 persons):

  • First three hours: EUR 70,00
  • Each additional hour: EUR 15,00
  • Outside working hours (after 10 p.m.): Please contact us to get an offer

Optional extras available:

  • Heated and cold open air mini-pools (with water or milk/beer/herb mix);
  • Organized sauna procedures, massage, peeling, scrub etc.;
  • Herb tea, birch juice;


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