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» Team building & developement

We offer various interesting options for team building, corporate and leadership training events. We can host such events by providing You with premises and outdoor territory only and we can also offer a full program and organisation of Your event.

Environment “on move” for team building and training events:

  • kvadricikli-leiputrija-5 ATV tours: ATV tours can be the perfect environment for “welding together” a work collective. Off-road touring itself may require mutual assistance and collaboration and can reveal personal characteristics of participants. Tour can involve overnight stay in tents and preparing meals on open fire. Different games and exercises can be organized while on tour as we will have enough spare time between driving phases.

  • kanoe-canoe-kanuverleih-gauja-leiputrija-2 Canoe/kayak tours: 2 to 72 hour tours with canoes/kayaks provides You with lots of “material” and time for Your planned activities, competitions and exercises, while the tour itself will also require attention and team-work of its participants. Tour can involve overnight stays in tents and preparing meals on open fire. We can also offer a photo-orienteering competition during the whole tour. The most popular riverway is Gauja, but also smaller and faster rivers cna be used in case participants would like to concentrate more on boating itself.

“Bravo Zero Two” program for professional leadership training and team development:

  • bravozerotwo-leiputrija The author of “Bravo Zero Two” program – Nauris Svika – is our partner since 2011 and we sincerely recommend his programs for those looking for high quality and specific team development and leadership training tasks. There are many complete programs and scenarios prepared, but each of them is carefully selected and adapted to the needs of a client. Indoors and outdoors. Unique component of “Bravo Zero Two” is infra-red gaming weaponry (laser tag equipment) that can be involved in training programs.

“Reāls piedzīvojums” (Real adventure) program for team building and corporate leisure events:

  • sporta_speles-leiputrija_0 “Reāls piedzīvojums” offers truly “never ending” list of activities and disciplines for active outdoor team-building and leisure events for small and big collectives (including several hundreds of persons). A vast choice of equipment, different themes (e.g. military, olympic games, indians etc.). Some examples: archery, tomahawk throwing, giant slingshot, paintball, lots of water activities.

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