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  • For outdoor events we accept collectives of up to 1000 persons.
  • One can rent whole complex or part of the complex (only campsite or only guesthouse) for private event. Also we have a special area for day-time events (12:00 (noon) – 21:00 (9:00 p.m.)).

2.) TERRITORY: mostly flat, almost no relief, therefor it is easy to review the area which is significant for coordinating big events. 70% of the area is lawn and meadow, some birch groves. Rest of the area is covered by a forest and ponds. The territory reaches up to the bank of river Gauja.

3.) GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION & ACCESS: The recreation complex is positioned 25 km from Riga city and 9 km from Adazi town, therefor is is easily and quickly reachable. At the same time it is situated in a truly rural and quiet environment. Closest bus stop (connection with Riga) is in Kadaga village, 7km from the complex. We offer transfer services (shuttle service) to our guests. Access to Gauja river gives perfect possibilities to organize water tourism activities (canoe/kayak trips).


  • 54 bed places in cabins/bungalows;
  • 10-11 sleeping places in guesthouse (rooms);
  • ~10 additional sleeping places can be provided indoors (folding beds + standard beds + some mattresses) for extra charge;
  • Tent places for up to 900 persons;
  • TOTAL: up to 1000 persons. Indoors: till 75 persons.

5.) PARKING: for big events (more than 150 persons) a special parking area shall be established in green area.

6.) PREMISES FOR GATHERINGS: there are several pavilions, shelters and tents. Tables and benches for 120 persons are available on site (more can be provided on request). A hall for events for ~25 persons. Several smaller premises (in teahouse with terrace, in sauna house etc.). There is a central bonfire place and several local bonfire places.

7.) SPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE: Soccer/football field, mini-football field, volleyball court with lawn coverage, beach volleyball court and evan a volleyball in water. Streetball court (2 baskets). Podium. Shooting range, children go-kart track and various equipment for outdoor games. We offer to organize an ATV skill competition.

8.) SANITARY FACILITIES: there is a central sanitary house in campsite area (10 WC, 10 showers), which is enough for up to 150 persons. Separate family bathroom / bathroom for disabled persons is available. In guesthouse there are 4 bathrooms. Additional mobile toilets shall be rented in case there are more than 200 persons in the complex.

9.) SOUND (PA): we offer simple PA equipment set for rent: 2 x 250 W speakers + amplifier + mini mixing desk + microphones. Additional and more specific equipment can be rented as well. We will be happy to help You to hire a good live bank or DJ is such is needed.

10.) CATERING: Snacks, drinks, complete meals, outdoor traveling kitchen, meals cooked on bonfire, barbecue and more. Pizza delivery. Latvian traditional cuisine. There is a minishop/kiosk operating righ on the site: beer, wines, soft drinks, ice cream, simple snacks.

11.) OTHER AMENITIES & EQUIPMENT: Flagpole, outdoor stage, swimming places, children playground, barbecue and pic nic areas, mini shop on site, sports and leisure equipment rental (balls, badminton, frisbee, petanca sets, darts, table tennis, novuss, table football, air-rifles, bicycles etc.). We organize canoe and kayak trips on river Gauja, with start or finish right in “Leiputrija”.

12.) RELAXATION AFTER SPORTS: latvian traditional sauna, hot-tub, sauna on balcony, mini pools and more.

13.) QUALITY & REQUIREMENTS: “Leiputrija” meets all the requirements (e.g. fire safety, healty) for organizing mass events. Those who need agreements with relevant authorities we ask to contact us as early as possible (february, march) to be able to arrange necessary inspections.

14.) PRICES: are very friendly and reasonable. Please contact us to agree on details and receive the price offer for Your event:


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