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» Militar technics exhibition in Ādaži

As the NATO military maneuvers “Sabre Strike” take place in Adazi in October, this sunday (October 24th) near Adazi culture centre, a military technics exhibition took place.

One could not only see but also touch and even “try” some of real NATO army vehicles and weapons. A lot of this special “feeling” was mainly because of real, “live” soldiers there who were very opened to any questions and let people to try almost everything beginning with wearing a real body armour vest, other special soldier wear and different weapons till real vehicles equipped even with video cameras, and remote controlled heavy machine gun.

Some of exhibited items were: pistol “Glock 17″, different machine guns as well as antitank weapons, light armour vehicle “Hummer I”, heavy truck for soldiers carriage “Saab-Scania”, “Mercedes” jeep and even two amphibians (6 and 8-wheel).

Nice exhibition. Nice.

sabre-strike sabre-strike-1 sabre-strike-10 sabre-strike-11

sabre-strike sabre-strike-1 sabre-strike-10 sabre-strike-11


sabre-strike-12 sabre-strike-13 sabre-strike-14

sabre-strike-2 sabre-strike-3 sabre-strike-4


sabre-strike-5 sabre-strike-6 sabre-strike-9

sabre-strike-7 sabre-strike-8

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