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» Cabins/Cottages

kempings-17 Simply furnished wooden cabins of different size and roominess are provided. In all cabins there are log beds (bed linen included), small table and benches as well as a fridge.

Showers, WC and kitchen of shared use are situated just 10-40 meters from cabins.

Pets: only small dogs and cats are allowed in some cabins (by surcharge and wiht condition that guests bring their own bed linens, pilows and blankets with them).

Cabins for 2 persons:

Mājiņa 2 personām
  • camping-kempings-bungalows-leiputrija-latvia-caravaning-near-riga-77 With two separate beds or a double bed (bed linens included).
  • Fridge
  • Area: 9-12 m²
  • PRICE (first night): EUR 28,00
  • PRICE (each following night): EUR 21,00

Cabins for 4 persons:

Mājiņa 4 personām
  • kempinga_majina-cabin-bungalow-sommerhause-4-persons-leiputrija-1 With bunk beds (bed linens included).
  • Fridge
  • Area: 12 m²
  • PRICE (first night): EUR 43,00
  • PRICE (each following night): EUR 35,00

Cabins for 6 persons:

Mājiņa 6 personām
  • kempinga_majina-cabin-bungalow-sommerhause-6-persons-leiputrija1 With bunk beds (bed linens included) and porch.
  • Fridge
  • Area: 20 m²
  • PRICE (first night): EUR 58,00
  • PRICE (each following night): EUR 47,00

Cabin for 8 persons:

Mājiņa 8 personām
  • kempinga_majina-cabin-bungalow-sommerhause-8-persons-leiputrija-camping1 With bunk beds (bed linens included).
  • Fridge
  • Area: 25 m²
  • PRICE (first night): EUR 75,00
  • PRICE (each following night): EUR 60,00


All prices see in PRICELIST

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