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We are so happy You found us! Leiputrija might be just the right “base camp” for Your journey around central Latvia: Riga city (23 km), Gauja National park (25 km), Baltic sea coast (15 km), Kemeri National park (50 km)


camping Leiputrija is a quiet and green family-ran campsite, guesthouse and leisure complex. It is perfectly situated for those visiting Riga, Baltic seaside and Sigulda town: almost on crossroads of two major highways of Latvia, 23 km from capital Riga, meanwhile in scenic countryside, in bank of Latvia’s longest river Gauja.
The campsite welcomes campers and caravans, offers tent places and simple bungalows. Shared WC, showers and even fully equipped kitchen available for all our guests. Comfy rooms in guesthouse. …Read more!

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You are always very welcome in Leiputrija!

Wishing You a wonderful stay,
Collective of Leiputrija

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